I hope to sell without a broker

The Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), the Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards (QFREB), and the province’s 12 real estate boards launched their first joint campaign, which points out the risks of not using a real estate broker.

Brad is delighted to have been appointed these major accounts. “We are proud of this accomplishment, and, in particular, of the campaign that begins today,” stated Dany Renauld, Co-President of Brad.

The launch is the culmination of several months of work. The OACIQ, QFREB, and the real estate boards decided to join forces at the 2012 Real Estate Forum, with a view to creating a powerful message for the general public.

“We could almost qualify this as an historic pooling of the communications efforts of the key players in Quebec’s real estate brokerage industry,” said Sofy Bourret, Vice-President, Communications and IT Development at the OACIQ. “By selecting Brad, we are confident that we chose the right partner to help us achieve our goals.”

The QFREB is equally enthusiastic about the campaign. “Brad found a dynamic and efficient way to convey the importance of using the services of a real estate broker,” affirmed real estate agency president, Christiane St-Jean.

The campaign includes a television commercial, a microsite (www.thinkbroker.ca), as well as web and print materials, all in English and French.

Client: OACIQ – Sofy Bourret, QFREB – Christiane St-Jean, Marc Lacasse
Brand Strategy: Dany Renauld, Hugues Léger
Vice-President, Creative Director: Carle Coppens
Interactive Strategy: Sacha Declomesnil
Account Director: Alexandra Troubetzkoy
Art Direction: Pascal Tremblay
French Copywriting: Carle Coppens, Maxime Richer
English Copywriting and Translation: James Viloria
Web Services: Mylène Mercier
Web Art Direction: Fabien Laborie
Web Design: Jean-Philippe Dubois
Integration: Sébastien Filion
Technical Director: Sébastien Vézina
Agency Producer: Linda Leroux
Production Company: Soma
Director: Ricardo Trogi
Post-production: Rodeo FX
Sound Mixing: Sonart